Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Technology Awards

Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Technology Awards


Climate change adaptation means anticipating the adverse effects of climate change and taking appropriate action to prevent or minimize the damage they can cause. It includes business opportunities such as new technologies to use scarce water resources more efficiently, or the building of new flood defenses.

Climate change mitigation refers to efforts to reduce or prevent GHG emissions. Examples of business opportunities associated with mitigation include renewable energy or the development of more energy efficient buildings and transport systems.


The awards recognizes successful climate change efforts of entrepreneurs and the private sector in developing a new climate technology or adapting an existing one to the needs of a community that has not used the technology before or developing a new business model that revolutionizes the use of an existing climate technology. Alternatively, an entrepreneur or a company may develop a service that enables the use of an existing technology in a climate friendly-way. Or focusing on harnessing the power of emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the way we live, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain systems, the Internet of things, big data and nanotechnology.

Who can apply?
  • Startups.
  • SMEs.
Areas may include:
  • Clean energy generation.
  • Energy distribution& storage.
  • Smart mobility & transportation.