Climate Action Awards
Africa Grows Green Awards
Addressing Climate Change through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Welcome to the Africa Grows Green Awards 2023!

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, the “Africa Grows Green Awards” for climate change was launched in 2022 by the Association for the Sustainable Quality of Living “ISTIDAMA” an Egyptian based NGO – charter No.1137 for 2019 (, in collaboration with House of Management for Training and Consultancy(

Based on the success of this collaboration for COP27& COP28, “ISTIDAMA” is launching the third round of the “Africa Grows Green Awards for Climate Change Innovations-2024” to be hosted at COP29 in Azerbaijan.

The awards encourages  all stakeholders from around the world to collaborate on promoting opportunities of broad-ranging support for climate entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middles East, helping them to develop business know-how, market connections, technical capacity, and providing guidance on sources and  access to finance.

In celebration of COP 29 this year, the Africa Grows Green Awards is now open for online nominations from African entrepreneurs and businesses.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Africa Grows Green Awards is a complete experience – a chance to share your climate action knowledge, build connections with the field’s most influential professionals, and honor your efforts!
With 4 different categories to choose from, a huge range of presentations to attend, plus a wonderful gala dinner and Awards Ceremony.

The Minister of Environment witnesses the signing of a cooperation protocol to launch the second phase of the Climate Change Confrontation Award

The primary goal of the awards is to help the climate change entrepreneurship ecosystem develop intra-regional investment opportunities through establishing cross sector networking and linkages with potential partners, investors, and customers in Africa and the  MEA region.

This is Africa and the Middle East’s premier celebration of all stakeholders’ efforts to combat climate change, in highly susceptible regions to climate induced risks.

In celebration of COP 28 in Dubai this year, the Africa Grows Green Awards is now open for online nominations from African and Middle Eastern  entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Key Dates

  • Entry Start Date: 15 July 2024
  • Entry Deadline: 10 October 2024
  • Finalists Announced: TBD
  • Book your Seats: TBD
  • Attend Awards Event: TBD
4 Reasons Why You Should Apply for the Awards
Experience extraordinary educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Competitive Benchmark

Benchmark your brand success against competitors.

Operational Network

Network with influential business strategic leaders and mentors.

Business Growth

Grow your business & impress potential investors.

Scale Up Your Impact

Get connected with expert mentors.

How To Apply
Entering is incredibly easy: in just five steps, your awards journey can begin!
1. Choose the right category
  • Winning begins with choosing the best category that showcases your strength. Whatever your sector , as long as you are a startup making with at least 3 years in business and making moves towards combating climate change, you have a chance to win.
2. Construct your entry
  • Once you have decided on your category, the next step is to review the criteria and gather evidence to write your story in a clear, concise and an engaging style.
  • The entry is composed of 3 sections. Each section has a set of criteria to be filled with an assigned score.
  • You will not be having trouble squeezing in your words, because you have the opportunity to upload supporting video links, charts, graphs, photos, endorsements, etc.
3. Press submit
  • Once you have checked and reviewed your entry and attached documents against the set criteria, you will press submit. You can edit your entry anytime before you press submit. Once you have submitted your entry, you cannot edit it anymore.
4. Relax and wait to hear if you have been shortlisted
  • Once all entries have been scored, finalists are notified via email with the date  to deliver virtual 15 min presentations of their solutions in front of a jury panel composed of of 3-5 experts.
5. Prepare for the Awards Ceremony

If you are a successful winner, you will be invited to attend the Africa Grows Green Awards Ceremony at the COP29 in Azerbaijan and present your innovative solutions to a diversity of climate change stakeholders and receive your trophy. Stay tuned for more surprises!

The eligibility requirements of the awards:

  • In celebration of COP  29 in Azerbaijan, this year, the Africa Grows Green Awards is now open for online nominations from entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa region .

The entire process is very transparent and unbiased to give equal opportunity to all organizations to participate and win purely on the basis of merit.

Sponsor the Awards
Climate action is the 21st century business.
Criteria for Winning
Winners are selected in accordance with the degree of demonstrated excellence in the following awards criteria.
Addressing Climate Change through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The eligibility requirements of the awards:

  • In celebration of COP 28 in Dubai this year, the Africa Grows Green Awards is now open for online nominations from entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa and the MEA region as well.
  • Be already in implementation for at least 3 years.
  • The ability to fulfill the criteria of each category with concrete evidence and appropriate metrics.


How the initiatives deliver verifiable impact on the business as well as social and environmental benefits;


Demonstrate innovative strategy and approach for problem solving;


Be scalable and/or replicable with potential for long-term impact;

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